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Friday, July 30, 2010 |
I have been an avid blog follower for many years. My list of blogs that I follow grows everyday. I just did a blog count and I'm at 27 that I check everyday...so the messy house and growing list of to do's suddenly makes sense!

Being home with two busy boys I crave an adult conversation on a daily basis...sometimes during naptime I will happily sit for an hour (or two or three...yikes I know!) and read blog after blog after blog. So I've finally jumped on the band wagon and am planning to blog away!

We'll have weekly features including Etsy finds, some of our favorite things, tutorials, pictures, what we're up to and much more. Feel free to leave comments, ask question and join in on the fun! If you have a blog idea that you'd like us to cover or have any questions feel free to email me at rachelle@handsonkeepsakes.com.

It's FRIDAY and a LONG WEEKEND! What's everyone up to? My sisters are on their way from Calgary and we'll be boating with this crazy kid...

and relaxing (hopefully!) on the beach with my littlest man...

Summer in the Okanagan is difficult I know! I'm hosting dinner on Saturday night...pictures to come next week...no idea what I'm making...as per usual!

Wishing you all a safe and sunny long weekend :)


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