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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 | | 4 comments
A couple weeks ago I came across a program that a local gym was accepting applications for. They were providing a free three month gym membership, personal trainer and access to many other wonderful opportunities. Thinking that this was my chance I submitted my application and crossed my fingers and toes.

Finding out I was one of the accepted applicants I was BEYOND thrilled! Zero excuses now! 

Last Tuesday we met with our personal trainer and it started a little something like this, "Nutrition is 80-90% of your success...". I'm sorry WHAT!? I knew the next sentence was not looking good. Sure enough we were introduced to the Paleo lifestyle

No bread, pasta, cheese, dairy of any kind and quite obviously some other desired food items. Insert the longest and deepest sigh here.

Knowing at this point I didn't have much to loose I told myself I could do this! It's been over a week (yes I waited a week to blog about this to make sure I could do it!) and with a few hiccups along the way I'm still hanging in there! I had amazing results in the first week and will be doing my best to stick to it!

But as it always seems when you know you can't have something it just makes you want it ten times more! I have stooped to some pretty ridiculous levels. 

Today when James asked if he could have just one more cookie (with a cookie mustache) I agreed but only if I got a kiss... secretly hoping there would be the tiniest crumb. I find myself asking people the most detailed information about their meals.

Either way this is a journey to a much healthier lifestyle and an opportunity to learn a ton. Here's the quote that's keeping me going:

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." - Beverly Sills

So all I need to know now is who wants to join me!? Come on, haven't I sold you all on this lifestyle!?

Wishing everyone else out there who is exploring a new lifestyle change (drastic or not!) the best of luck!

PS- Watch for our first Business Feature in the next couple days. We're just putting the finishing touches on ours and look forward to some laughs :)


Saturday, January 22, 2011 | | 0 comments
Hands on Keepsakes has been an incredible growing experience for Sarah and I. The past year and a half has been filled with excitement! We've been able to work with so many wonderful people, take hand/footprints of some pretty cute kiddos, work with many 'Mini Picassos' and have built friendships with many customers. 

Sometimes I think about my life without Hands on Keepsakes and I know there would be a huge emptiness.
Throughout our journey we continue to come across many other entrepreneurs with amazing stories. Knowing that I am not alone at certain moments of craziness and connecting with such talented people is inspiring. And we all need a little inspiration every now and again!

Sarah and I have been struggling to come up with a blog feature that our readers would find some consistency in. We wanted a way to connect with others and we're looking forward to what we've come up with!

So here's what you can look forward to... we will be featuring a different entrepreneur with questions about their life, business, what inspires them, how they balance it all and we'll throw in some fun ones too :)

In the next couple days we'll be giving you a sneak peak at some of the questions with our answers so you can get to know us a little better!

As this will be an ongoing project we would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE comments, feedback and suggestions of any entrepreneurs you may know, or if you're an entrepreneur yourself! You can direct all suggestions, comments, etc to rachelle@handsonkeepsakes.com.

As always we thank you so much for riding along this journey with us! We are enjoying every moment and hope this will allow us to provide you all with some enjoyment and inspiration!


Making a Stand - Jewelry Stand that is

Saturday, January 15, 2011 | | 0 comments
The last thing my Dad says as he goes to bed on Christmas night is 'It's as far away as ever now'.  As a small child those words sent me into a huge depression - a year is such a long time for a child.  As my brother and I got older we'd groan when he said it and then it gradually became part of Christmas tradition, to the point where we'd remind him if he forgot to say it.  (Like the teenagers that moan and groan to their parents to get a new trendy Christmas tree only to be mortally offended when their parents finally get 'round to it ten years later - by this time the teenagers are twenty somethings and changing the tree is equivalent to stripping them of all their childhood Christmas memories - yes my brother and I were those nightmare children too).  Now we only hear Dad say it every other year, so you really want to make sure you don't miss it!  He did say it this year but I don't think my girls heard him, they are still too young to appreciate that's it's part of Mummy's Christmas heritage.

When I went to the UK in the summer I asked Dad to make Rachelle and I a display piece for our jewelry for when we go to events.  They went on a cruise later in the year and Mum said they had to visit every jewelry store on the ship and in port to check out the various displays so he could get ideas for ours.  He designed some options and scanned them to me.  I could tell he was disappointed that I chose the simplest design, he wanted something more intricate to test him more, still if that's what I wanted that's what he'd make.  Five minutes after stepping in our house after a 24 hour journey it was out the case, assembled and passed around for approval.
Apologies for the quality of the photos but you get the idea
It all comes apart for flat packing and the main upright is built in two halves so the stand can be tall, as it's shown here or shorter to display key rings rather than longer pendants.  I should mention that not only is Dad in his eightieth year but last spring he managed to remove the index finger of his right hand with a circular saw - and yes he is right handed.  He made this after his accident and obviously had to use the said saw.  Thanks Dad, I love it but more than that I love the time, effort and energy you put into making it, every time we use it you'll be thought of.

For Christmas this year Mum bought him instructions on how to build an American long case clock, so that'll be his next project......until I think up another one for him!

I heart Oprah

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 | | 0 comments
I'm just going to get straight to the point today... Anybody watch Oprah today??

I'm in month 11 of my Maternity Leave and am proud to say this is the first time I've turned the TV on at 4pm and managed to find Oprah. I am so thankful today was the day. You can have a look here.

I'm not going to lie January for me is not the happiest of months. Christmas is over and you're hit with that New Year's resolution. No idea why I didn't pluralize 'resolution'!

My little man turns one in less than a month now and I'm struggling with this BIG time.

This kid can't get enough of toilet paper... the intervention will soon come!
It feels like just yesterday the contractions were coming and I was seriously considering my state of sanity for signing up for this AGAIN!

Now we're close to taking first steps and are in full sibling fighting mode. As much as I've been struggling with my 'Motherly emotions' today's Oprah episode put me in my place. 

You will truly be inspired by the Cobles' strength and courage. Just be warned even Oprah was crying which made me feel better about my sobbing.

I'll be holding my boys that much tighter and am reminded how lucky I am. I encourage you to give your kids an extra squeeze... or two :)

After Christmas Calm?

Sunday, January 2, 2011 | | 0 comments
This was my 7th Christmas as a Mummy.  Each year I (hope) I get a little bit more organised, things are a bit less last minute and there is more time to enjoy doing things with the family, like my Mum is in this picture.
My Mum teaching Jemma 'cats cradle' with string 
I also hope there is less time getting in a panic.  Although this year I had an epiphany.  I realized there are only really a couple of hours on Christmas Eve, after the kids are in bed, when all the presents are wrapped, the carrots have been left out for Rudolf and turkey is waiting patiently in the fridge to be cooked that I can sit down with my glass of whatever and relax without 16 different lists of things to do wafting in and out of my consciousness.  Often we watch the brilliant 1950's Alistair Simms version of A Christmas Carol and I congratulate myself on getting everything done on time without having a nervous breakdown.

However by 7.00am on Christmas Morning, less than 12 hours after feeling so smug that everything was in order the house looks like a tornado has gone through it.  By the time Christmas Day is over I'm already wanting to clear out half of our possessions and start spring cleaning, there really is no rest for the wicked.  Next all the Christmas decorations come down and before you know it it's time to gear up for school again, I need to go shopping for packed lunch goodies and remember library books again.

Making chocolate truffles treats
Trying out the new sledge from Santa
Luckily there are things like this to make us smile again and forget all the 'stuff' that needs doing.....after all it'll wait.
And the traditional Christmas tiger!!

I hope your house doesn't look like mine does right now and that you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Here's hoping the New Year brings everything you wish for, just think a whole year of memories just waiting to be made.  Enjoy the last remnants of the Holidays.

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