The Grandparents are coming!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010 |
Apparently it's -20 degrees C in England at the moment and they're up to their necks in the white stuff - almost literally!  Normally my relatives would be delighted to tell me this, it's the 'Anything you Canadians can do we can do better mentality', a bit of healthy competition never hurt anyone right?  However their weather could put a real spanner in the works for our Christmas plans this year.  My parents are due to fly out a week today to share Christmas with us for the fourth time.  Normally I stress about having snow at this end, never at theirs, they haven't had a white Christmas in living warming?

The first Christmas they came was 6 years ago my oldest was just 6 weeks old, we lived in a 2 bed tiny condo and they came for a month, everyone said we were crazy.  It was one of the best Christmas's ever.

 My Dad with a 6 week old Jemma

Two years later I was the size of a small house and only 4 months pregnant!  I  remember so clearly writing Christmas cards and wondering what extra name I'd be adding next year.   We had oodles of snow and even at 2 Jem knew better than to wear gloves in the freezing cold!!

My Mum and Dad and Daddy with helper.

Fast forward another 2  years and Anniekins Anniebins is on the scene, 18 month old and already in charge of giving the pressies out.

Christmas morning

Another 2  years on and Annie is 3 1/2 and Jemma 6 and once again Mum and Dad are making the journey over.  We've been in Canada for 11 years now and we've lost count of how many times both sets of grandparents have come to see us.  On the years my parents don't come for Christmas my husbands parents do.  My kids have never had a Christmas without a Grandma & Grandpa visiting, unbelievable considering how far away they live.  We enjoy every moment with them, conscious that it might be the last trip they make, we have to be realistic after all.  I've been saying that for the last 11 years though, and, thank goodness for me they still keep coming.   All we need now is a big thaw in England!!

I hope you're enjoying the season, have a wonderful week.

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