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Saturday, April 21, 2012 |

100% honesty...I don't find this funny I just feel like someone finally understands me :) Some other signs my obsessive behaviours may have rubbed off on the boys:

1 - Jacob lines shoes up at the front door...daily
2 - James commented how nicely the Qtips were lined up when we opened a new box

It could be worse right?! I constantly remind my husband that he could be enjoying the opposite...and be appearing on an episode of Hoarders. Point made :)

I am finding my anxiety and stress levels peak when things aren't in their place, organized or frazzled and DINNER was a major source of this. Considering dinner is a daily occurrence action had to be taken and I am quite happy to publicly report my LURVE for Pinterest!!

Just the excitement of typing in www.pinterest.com in my laptop makes me giddy with excitement to be unlocking a secret door with oodles of organizing ideas, tips, style, decor and my latest obsession MEAL PLANNING!!

It has been a *blissful* week of dinner time over here. The sense of contentment to sit down with my boys and know that their meal did not come from...

a - the freezer
b - a drive through
c - our neighborhood Domino's that was borderline getting close to being on a first name basis

...sends shivers of happiness through me :)

And not to mention the super pretty weekly Meal Plan that gets put on the fridge and shopping list that accompanies me, my pen and calculator at the grocery store...yep I'm *that* shopper :)

So if you live under a rock and haven't checked out Pinterest and searched 'Meal Plans'...prepare to have your mind blown and life simplified. Trust me, I know...some people go out on a Saturday night...I meal plan AND look forward to it ;)

PS - We'll be better bloggers...we promise :) Sorry we've been MIA for a while...we're back now!

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