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Tuesday, May 1, 2012 |
We thought we'd take some time and show everyone an insider's look at the process of designing a Silver Artwork Pendant.
The artwork pieces have always been some of my favorites:

It always concerns me that my almost 5 year old (YIKES!!) can out draw me...any animal, object, person, you name it, he can draw it better! Kids have the most incredible imaginations and there's nothing more fascinating than putting a blank piece of white paper and crayons in front of them and watching them work their lil' Picasso magic!

Recently Sarah worked her magic with an absolutely stunning piece. This picture:

turned into this:


To get from picture to pendant includes a few (sometimes many!) emails back and forth. We always encourage a large amount of feedback from our customers. We work one on one to ensure that you're happy with the layout, placements and final design. Patti was wonderful enough to allow us to use her pictures and below you can see the 'evolution' of the design. Thank you Patti!!

Here is the play by play from Sarah (some men needs sports as excitment, we get our thrills with artwork designs!!):

This is the original picture Liam drew. From that we realised we had to make the legs 'hollow' to give them more definition.

We got the first layout however the 'arms' were too small and his eyes, nose and mouth very close together so in the next drawing along we made the 'arms' longer and the head bigger while still trying to keep it's shape.

We thought the head was still too small so we did the below design but we didn't like that as the shape of the head changed to get more room for his features and we felt the integrity of the drawing was lost.

Next we thought getting rid of his mouth would give more room for his nose and eyes but it completely altered the look of the drawing and was axed straight away.

Finally we got it right!  The head of the drawing was removed from the body and enlarged slightly on it's own and then put back onto the body, it was enough to give more room to the features but not alter the ratio of body to head from the drawing. Also to make more room the thickness of the lines of the head were pared down, this didn't alter the shape of the head but just made the picture clearer and again gave us more room for his features. We were still able to fit in Liam's name which he wrote.

 I can't tell you how satisfying it is to work with you on a design and get that email saying...
It's perfect!
I love it!
That's it!
Sarah and I are truly thankful and blessed to be able to take your little one's beloved artwork and create something you will treasure forever. This quote says it all...
We look forward to making many more artwork pieces and working with you and your 'lil' Picasso!
It's not too late to order for Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13th!). We are still happily taking orders and can be reached at
with any questions or inquiries. We look forward to hearing from you!

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