I heart Oprah

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 |
I'm just going to get straight to the point today... Anybody watch Oprah today??

I'm in month 11 of my Maternity Leave and am proud to say this is the first time I've turned the TV on at 4pm and managed to find Oprah. I am so thankful today was the day. You can have a look here.

I'm not going to lie January for me is not the happiest of months. Christmas is over and you're hit with that New Year's resolution. No idea why I didn't pluralize 'resolution'!

My little man turns one in less than a month now and I'm struggling with this BIG time.

This kid can't get enough of toilet paper... the intervention will soon come!
It feels like just yesterday the contractions were coming and I was seriously considering my state of sanity for signing up for this AGAIN!

Now we're close to taking first steps and are in full sibling fighting mode. As much as I've been struggling with my 'Motherly emotions' today's Oprah episode put me in my place. 

You will truly be inspired by the Cobles' strength and courage. Just be warned even Oprah was crying which made me feel better about my sobbing.

I'll be holding my boys that much tighter and am reminded how lucky I am. I encourage you to give your kids an extra squeeze... or two :)

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