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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 |
A couple weeks ago I came across a program that a local gym was accepting applications for. They were providing a free three month gym membership, personal trainer and access to many other wonderful opportunities. Thinking that this was my chance I submitted my application and crossed my fingers and toes.

Finding out I was one of the accepted applicants I was BEYOND thrilled! Zero excuses now! 

Last Tuesday we met with our personal trainer and it started a little something like this, "Nutrition is 80-90% of your success...". I'm sorry WHAT!? I knew the next sentence was not looking good. Sure enough we were introduced to the Paleo lifestyle

No bread, pasta, cheese, dairy of any kind and quite obviously some other desired food items. Insert the longest and deepest sigh here.

Knowing at this point I didn't have much to loose I told myself I could do this! It's been over a week (yes I waited a week to blog about this to make sure I could do it!) and with a few hiccups along the way I'm still hanging in there! I had amazing results in the first week and will be doing my best to stick to it!

But as it always seems when you know you can't have something it just makes you want it ten times more! I have stooped to some pretty ridiculous levels. 

Today when James asked if he could have just one more cookie (with a cookie mustache) I agreed but only if I got a kiss... secretly hoping there would be the tiniest crumb. I find myself asking people the most detailed information about their meals.

Either way this is a journey to a much healthier lifestyle and an opportunity to learn a ton. Here's the quote that's keeping me going:

"There are no shortcuts to any place worth going." - Beverly Sills

So all I need to know now is who wants to join me!? Come on, haven't I sold you all on this lifestyle!?

Wishing everyone else out there who is exploring a new lifestyle change (drastic or not!) the best of luck!

PS- Watch for our first Business Feature in the next couple days. We're just putting the finishing touches on ours and look forward to some laughs :)


Sheri said...

You have more willpower than me, Rachelle! ;) Good for you!!

Lori-Anne said...

I applied for this program, but didn't make it to the mandatory first meeting, which of course eliminated me before the first round!Good on you for doing it! And good luck with that difficult sounding diet! My big, self-imposed attempt right now, instead of the program, is to cut out sugar/superfluous decadent stuff and get active!

Hands on Keepsakes said...

Thank you ladies :)

Week one was awful but I'm feeling much more confident this week!

@Lori-Anne~ You can do it! I think a lot of the pre-thinking is harder than the actual doing! Good luck!

Nick said...

hahaha love the cookie crumb story!
You can do it missy, Ive seen you do it before :)

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