Winter Wonderland

Sunday, March 6, 2011 |
Last weekend I got to do something I love, I went boarding:)

Friends of ours booked a chalet for 12 and 3 families packed all their known possessions (at least it seemed like it) and met in beautiful Big White.  It was freezing, -70 at the top of the lifts, consequently night skiing was cancelled, no worries the kids played the adults drank and the snow came drifting down.

Saturday we got the oldest kids ready for their first ski lesson, there were no ski boots small enough for Annie, (good things come in little parcels), so Daddy took her sledging and I got to go boarding with one of the other Dads.  It had warmed up a bit and the snow was still coming down and it was just amazing to be out in it.   I discovered that it is like riding a bike and I managed to not make a complete fool of myself.

Jemma looking the part with her  skiis
After a few runs we snuck down to see how the kids were getting on and relieve the other parents so they could get a few turns in.  The kids were doing great, especially as they weren't at all sure about having a lesson before they started,  we got to have a real good up close and personal  look at them as they didn't recognize us with all our kit on!

Trying the magic carpet

Pizza slice anyone?

We then found our respective spouses and told them it was their turn to do a few runs.  They looked at their hot chocolates, looked at the snow still coming down and finally looked at the plummeting thermometer and declined - RESULT.  No need to ask us twice we headed back out and nearly made it to last lift, just lack of feeling in hands and toes stopped us!!

Sunday we checked out the skating rink, it was still snowing and you couldn't see the ice, it was idyllic.
Skating at the winter wonderland

It was a fabulous weekend with friends and family and  I hope it's not another 2 years 'till we get to go again!

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