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Wednesday, August 11, 2010 |
A couple of weeks ago we were contacted by Maria from Budding Artists about our Silver Pendants. Budding Artists is a Canadian company that is ALL about kid's artwork.

They have fundraising programs (many diferent options), a party option and some pretty cool products that have Christmas presents written ALL over them!
My favorites are the travel mug, water bottle, garden stake, planters, luggage tags...who am I kidding I LOVE them all!

I will be sitting down with this little artist...

and a box of crayons and will be ordering away! I'll keep you posted with what kind of magic James draws up and the Budding Artists products we order...CAN'T wait!

And as you all know what a blog addict I am, Maria at Budding Artists even has a BLOG!! Yipee! You can find it here. Maria has found some great artwork ideas...one of my favorite being this one.

Budding Artists is currently in the running for the Savvy Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award. To vote for Budding Artists click  here. By the way EVERY TIME you vote you're entered for $500 Paypal dollars...I wouldn't have a problem doing some serious damage with that! Good luck Maria!

And speaking of lovely artwork meet Pinky...

I was lucky enough to make this beautiful drawing into this...

I LOVE artwork orders!

Tomorrow I sign my little Jamesy up for Pre-School :( It feels like just yesterday we were here...


To help with this emotional moment I will be putting together some Back to School finds! Check back tomorrow for this collection...nothing like a little emotional shopping right ;)

Happy hump day!



Nicole said...

That is one of my fav pics of Jamesy! I cant believe how fast he's growing up either... soon we will be watching him play soccer and hockey (well if mark allows it haha)

Have you ordered anything from Shelley Smith yet? I emailed her about helping me arrange my room properly, she is super busy but sent me to Ronda (who believe it or not also has a blog haha!) Anyways let me know what you buy from her!!! She is sucha sweetie. One of my fav blogs now forsure.Okay i will shut up now.

Love you Belle xo

Rachelle said...

I know...that was on your birthday a couple of years ago!
I put together an order from Shelley...just heard back last night...can't WAIT! Oh boy...another blog! What' Ronda's blog?

Love you xoxo

Nicole said...

(rondas blog)

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