Mommy Metamorphosis

Friday, August 6, 2010 |
I was in my pj's all day today until 5:58pm (yes that says pm!)...the boys included in my self proclaimed pj day. And the pj fun didn't stop there...I only changed into a clean set of pj's after that. I've been fighting a cold all week and today was the day to take it easy. Oh and clean a bathroom or two, sweep and mop the floors and keep an eye on these kiddos...

Gone are the days BK (Before Kids) of calling in sick and curling up with a cup of tea and some movies or a good book. And so I begin to explain the title of this blog...

Last weekend we were lucky enough to enjoy two days on Kalamalka Lake boating with tubes and a wake board. Since having my boys this was my first time boating again...and I noticed a HUGE change. While trying wakeboarding I couldn't relax and enjoy the wipeout after wipeout after wipeout. Double tubing with Mark was BEYOND stressful...but why!?

Then it hit me...I'm a Mom now and have become a complete PRUDE! Wakeboarding...worried the wakeboad would slice all my fingers off (dramatic...yes I know). Tubing...worried I'd fall off and break something and be out of commission...worried, worried, WORRIED!

Until now not even the mini van or the Fabricland membership made me realize it as these were all new things. But when I was doing something I did BK and now WITH hit me like a ton of bricks.

So here's my question...WHEN does this happen? Is it as soon as you find out you're pregnant and become a Mom or is it a gradual process?

My theory...after labour. Carrying this little person for nine months and then the process of getting them out...there's NO WAY I am doing anything that wouldn't allow me to remind them of everything I did to get them here! And is it worth it...this new persona that I've suddenly realized almost four years later?

Wouldn't trade it for a skydiving, swim with sharks, live on the edge, risk taking life...I'm sticking around and LOVING my new personality!

Happy weekend everyone!



Vicky said...

I LOVE this Rachelle!! You were meant to be a mom and you were definitely meant to be a blogger!

Jaime said...

Great blog..and yes it's true, you don't notice it until you do something you did BK!

Uncle Gary said...

Rachelle, enjoy it now..once they reach the teenage stage you might rethink that idea of Skydiving!

Rachelle said...

Thanks ladies!!
Uncle Gary too funny! Thanks for the heads up ;)

Nicole said...

Great post Belle! I love your new personality too:) Those two boys are so lucky to have you as their moma! miss you and thinking of you xo

p.s. hows the running going?

Holly said...

Hey Rachelle, this is like reading your diary everyday! I love this, being 700 kms away, we can feel like we're right next door! Who knows maybe your soon to be 50 year old mom will start a blog too...probably not,sometimes you can't teach an old dog new tricks!

lots of love, the one and only blog virgin moma

About Us said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachelle said...

Thanks Nick and the one and only blog virgin moma!
PS- Running is going good...looking forward to October 11th!

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