Pre-School here we come!

Thursday, August 12, 2010 |
At 7:30am I got my little man all registered for pre-school...such a bitter sweet moment. I'm so excited for him to have structured time and meet new friends but it's just the beginning of things that are no longer baby/tot and parent. He's officially a BIG BOY now!

BUT I will get some much needed one on one time with Mr. Jacob and I know these emotions will pass...especially after this list of back to school goodies! What would I do without Etsy and online shopping during these emotional times :)

First on the list is this super cute personalized tee for a first grader...

and don't worry they've got some for boys can find them at The Trendy Butterfly.

I came accross these backpacks a couple years ago and got the penguin for James...

there's some new animals that are BEYOND cute...bee, zebra, owl...would it be too early to get one for Jacob!? They can be found at Skip Hop.

I am so in love with this next item. Here's the front...can you guess what it is?

A LUNCHBOX!! Pure's the inside

I can't get over these! Each lunchbox comes with the drink bottle AND two sheets of stickers so the lucky owner of these gets to personalize it! They come in pink, blue, green and orange and there's also a grownup line as well. More importantly they are BPA free, dishwasher safe (BIG one for me!), 100% recyclable AND think of all the plastic bag you'll save! You can find them at Goodbyn.

As we continue to save the environment another option for environmentally friendly lunches are these reusable sandwich and snack bags

You can pick up these nifty little things here.

And now to fill the girly void as there's not a whole lot of things pink and sparkly going on in this house...

Can't even believe how CUTE this is! You can find this Red Polka Dot Satin Apple Clip at Crafty Mama Designs.

Don't worry I wouldn't leave us Moms out...something to hold that cup of morning coffee or tea

with a little humour! Find it here.

And last but not least something to bring a little organization to our lives...

a modern and stylish planner that holds a notepad, cell phone, pen, calendar and so much more! This lovely can be found at Monkey Cheeks.

Well folks this is just a few finds that I'm loving right now. So tell me what's on your list?



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including the BUSY MOM organizer in your wonderful collection.

Nicole said...

kids have it pretty good nowa days... Cant believe Jamesy is starting preschool! Love that coffee mug haha so funny! Youll deffnately be my go-to for mommy advice in the future (if I ever have kids haha!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for including my back-to-school apple hair clip! :)

Kym Banting said...

Love the lunchbox Rachelle! Too cool! Kym

Bern said...

Love your blog site and the cute stuff!! (kids included). Enjoy your week in the sun.

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