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Thursday, August 19, 2010 |
This whole not napping thing does have some (and I do mean SOME) advantages! While my littlest man was sleeping this afternoon my litte man and I got to do some baking.

My hubby had to call me twice while making Kraft Dinner (Not. Even. Joking.). Once to ask if he drained the water and another to ask if he added the butter, milk and cheese packet before or after he drained the water. You get my in progress to say the least. For that reason it is extremely important that these boys of mine know how to cook, bake and the Kraft Dinner :)

So today we made chocolate zucchini muffins...yum

and yummy!

Chocolate zucchini muffins/cake are one of those happy smells that bring me back to my childhood. It's an instant connection and I'm back! So many happy birthdays were sung over a chocolate zucchini cake my one and only mama made. Others were upside down pineapple cake and ANYTHING that was in a tin that my Grandma brought along with her!

So tell me what is an instant smell trigger for you that brings you back to those stress free, innocent childhood days?

I'm off to try and avoid eating all of these muffins!



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Cooking is a life skill. I agree totally with you. I think back to my home ec classes in grade 7 and 8 and I think its a shame that my kids will not have the same opportunity due to the overemphasis of academics over life skills in schools. There should be a balance.

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