Feeling a Bit Foggy!

Monday, September 20, 2010 |
In the last week I have put my pants on completely backwards (took me a few hours to realize), included a dark blue crayon in the washer AND dryer (entire load of laundry royally ruined), had full intentions of doubling a recipe and then realized 3/4 way through I wasn't doubling anymore but couldn't remember where I'd stopped... I'm sure there's more but can't remember. Does your memory EVER come back or at least get somewhat better!?

As promised here is the official Kettle Valley Fall Fair & Market poster...

Sarah and I are really looking forward to this event. We're hosting an Art Competition which I love doing as it allows us to get involved with the kids as well as the parents. To see some of the amazing drawings that kids put together is always enjoyable! Another reason we're happy to be involved is because it's for an amazing cause, The BC  Cancer Foundation with funds directed to families in Kelowna. If you're able to make it feel free to stop by our table and say hi! We're looking forward to seeing you all there on Sunday!

We've been working hard over the last week to update our website. One exciting NEW feature is our shop.
Before all orders via our website needed to be done by contacting us (email or phone) or downloading our order form and mailing or emailing it to us and the final option being our Etsy shop. We're so happy to simplify this process! The new shop in our website accepts Paypal and is 100% secure and safe. Another lovely feature of paypal is that you don't need to have a paypal account. Of course if you'd still prefer to contact us via email or phone we have no problem taking orders these ways either!

Well I'm off to try and get rid of the million dark blue crayon stains that are all over an entire load of laundry! Apparently the experts (and I do mean Google when I say the experts!) say to use WD-40 and dishwashing liquid. I read a little further and someone posted a mixture of products that I'm going to try before WD-40 as I'm thinking the smell may stay around for a bit. I'll let you all know if it works... fingers crossed :)

Have a good week!

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