The Tooth Fairy Isn`t Coming!

Monday, September 27, 2010 |

On Saturday something happened in our house that was monumental enough for me to Blog about!  My oldest daughter Jemma has had a loose tooth for some considerable time, in fact, being brutally honest about it, it`s been driving everyone crazy.  She wiggled it constantly, she couldn`t eat because of it and neither she or her Daddy would let me pull the darn thing out - something as a mother I`d been secretly looking forward too.   This is her `before`picture.

All teeth in their proper place.
And the `àfter picture`

And the final resting place for the precious tooth.

I was still mentally doing the maths of how much 2 kids, 20 teeth each 50cents a tooth (what is the going rate nowadays) when she dropped the bombshell.  She didn`t want the tooth fairy to come!!!  She wanted to make a bed for the tooth out of cotton wool and she wanted to keep it forever and not let the tooth fairy get her grubby little wings on it.  I was shocked, I`ve already been Father Christmas and the Easter Bunny, I was looking forward to adding `Tooth Fairy`to my resume, but I guess I don`t get to decide that Jemma does.  I have to be content updating her baby book with this big event and looking for super cute Tooth Fairy stuff on Etsy, you can check out some of my findings here - so it`s not all bad!


Rachelle said...

Yay Jemma! Wonderful blog post Sarah!

Gail said...

Pretty girl , with or without all her teeth !

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