Getting 'er Done!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010 |
Last week was a LONG week! Mr. Jacob was like this...

Rockin' the snot bubble look...and cutting four teeth on top...

If you look REAL close you can see them! Needless to say we all got through it and now include a cup of coffee with our morning routine.

We didn't accomplish much last week and I've been on the go non stop this week to catch up. Here's a look at what I've been up to:


I went through a serious addiction to fabric and somehow ended up with the girliest collection and I'm happy to say it's finally been put to use!

Next was a start at the front door...


Still a work in progress but getting better!

It feels so good to be back and functioning at somewhat of a normal level! Hope you're all enjoying your week and the beautiful weather!


Sarah said...

I love that fabric Rachelle, are they both notice boards? You shouldn't let on you're so'll start getting orders;)

Rachelle said...

Yes it's a notice board! Going in my studio as I'm thinking it won't be approved hung anywhere else ;)

Nicole said...

belle! cutest pic of Jacob with his bum up!

Your front door looks awsome and love those boards... I want one :)

cant wait to see you soon xoxo

Jess said...

I was thinking I would like to make an order!!! I'll get you the cappuccino machine for xmas and you make me a notice board :)... cute things bell.

Rachelle said...

Thanks ladies :) Somehow a cappuccino machine for a notice board doesn't seem fair! Can't wait to see you both next weekend! xoxo

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