Down & Out

Wednesday, October 20, 2010 |
Our day started very unexpectedly this morning at 2 am. We were suddenly awakened by James with a bed full of throw up and Jacob sitting up in his crib with... you guessed it, throw up (weird huh?). 

After a quick bath everyone was dressed in new pjs and new beds were set up with fresh sheets. Luckily we all crashed promptly and no more throw up sessions ensued. 

That is until I pushed my luck. Everyone woke up healthy and early (ugh!). Not a lot of breakfast was eaten but they managed to have an appetite so I figured we were good to make an early morning trip to the grocery store. Many of you can probably make a well educated guess where this story is leading us...

Moving on... I have learned that the only way I will enter a grocery store with two children is for the following reasons:
a) We have no food in the house. Clearly poor planning on my part...'nuff said!
b) First thing in the morning. Isles are empty, shelves are stocked and produce is full!
c) A store where they bag your groceries for you. Sorry Superstore, I love you more then you'll know (especially for Joe) but I don't have four arms: #1 to keep James entertained, #2 to keep Jacob entertained, #3 bag the groceries in lightening McQueen speed (don't know about anyone else but this beyond stresses me out) and last but not least PAY! Us ladies can multi task but I've given up this zit causing, spike your coffee kinda outing... no thank you!

So we hit up the grocery store first thing in the morning as my children rise hours before the sun even begins to make it's appearance. I zipped through the isles and to be fair James made it clear he wanted to go home. I pushed it I know, I know! We were almost there, beginning to unload the food on the belt and I even had the thought of grabbing a coffee for me on the way out (insert hysterical laughter here). James announced he NEEDED to get out of the cart...I saw the look on his face, lifted him out and Niagra Falls exited his mouth directly onto me... the woman that carried him for nine months and endured long hard labour to get him here. 

And we all know what comes next... "Clean up on checkout till nine". Yep that was us. 

Looking back I have no idea what I was thinking. Why do we do this to our children? Or am I the only one who pushes things beyond the limit (ie thinking I'd go grocery shopping, grab a coffee and skip through the rest of our day)!

Here's hoping for a healthy Thursday! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your week!


Sarah said...

Oh Rachelle, that's brutal. I hope you & Mark have escaped it and the boys are feeling better. I remember Jemma puking up in the library and after cleaning her up I had to take her to the car in just her diaper - it was January! I wanted to tell everyone who stared at me 'SHE JUST PUKED! SHE JUST PUKED! Oh to be a mother;)

Sheri said...

Oh my... I know that temptation to push it to the limit all too well. And then we pay for it!! Hope you are all doing better.

Hands on Keepsakes said...

Thanks ladies! Always nice to know there are others who can relate :)

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