Run for the Cure

Monday, October 4, 2010 |
On Sunday Rachelle and I took a well deserved morning off and participated in the 19th annual Run for the Cure in Kelowna.  We walked the 5km, talked about work (inevitable I guess), our kids and families but most of all we remembered my best friend and Rachelles Mother-in-law, a very special lady who lost her battle to breast cancer nearly 5 years ago. 

I know she'd be thrilled we'd started Hands-on-Keepsakes, that we were doing something we loved and that it involved children - the passion of her life.  She'd be telling everyone about it and the fact she'd been included in a Blog, she would say that was 'brill'.

I forgot my camera yesterday so once again there are no shots of Rachelle and I together, but actually that seems quite appropriate, after all the day wasn't about us but about all the people touched by this disease.  I'm so glad that we went, that we participated and that we took the time to think about what we'd lost.

I've put together a Breast Cancer Awareness list of products and I did check that all of them donate proceeds of their sales to the cause.  Find them here

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