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Sunday, October 17, 2010 |
Last night I came across a contest that Cheerios is running for a dream vacation. Before looking into the contest rules and details I got a little ahead of myself. As I often do when buying lottery tickets or entering contests I assume that I will beat the hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions and be the winner. Therefore I planned my dream vacation... OK maybe I made a list of my dream vacations and decided I would pick one once I had been contacted that I had won.

Yes you can all see how disappointed I am when I don't win the $40 million jackpot where you have better odds of being struck by lightning 23 times!

The other slight hitch is that the contest is only for US residents and the dream vacation is for travel within the USA. It only took a few minutes to get over my pity party and decide that I would still make my dream vacation list as it's always nice to have dreams and put them on paper or a blog!

So... in no particular order here is my list of dream vacations:

1. Machu Picchu- I can still remember the first time seeing pictures and the feeling I got. Goosebumps and the NEED to go there! I won't make this a history lesson but you can find more info here.

2. France- I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Paris. This dream vacation involves a full month of travel all over France with my Mom and sisters. And no, the mini me version in Vegas will not do!


3. Backpack Thailand and Cambodia- Sorry boys... your spring break and summer vacations won't involve Disneyland! 

4. Re-do our Honeymoon in the Mayan Riviera- Yes that says re-do. We did the whole first comes love, then comes the baby in the baby carriage and then comes marriage! As dedicated first time parents we insisted on bringing our 10 month old baby with us on our one week all inclusive honeymoon in the Mayan Rivera. Day two we woke up to a playpen FULL of throw up. The remainder of the holiday included "loose stools", more throw up and our hotel room. It was 100% our fault as everyone told us to go alone and looking back we really should have. So next time will include hubby, me and an adults only resort! 

And there we have it! All four of my dream vacations!  These are all at the top of my bucket list. So tell me what are your dream vacations? C'mon people let's dream big! As we all know I've set myself up for a never ending vacation savings account!

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend!

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Holly said...

LOVE your blog! Planning trip in the next few years to Machu Picchu with the B man:)

And yes, we will be doing the tent & hike version... train on the trip down!

Nicole said...

That Paris vacayyy should happen before you hit 30, deal?!

Love your dream list... wouldnt Thailand be amazing??? So many wonderful places to see!!

I love the list but for mine i'd at Greece ;)

lots of love xoxo

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