This One's For YOU!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010 |
I came across an image while browsing the internet and wasting time working feverishly while the boys were napping. It has brought me complete serenity!

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This, my friends is going to be tattooed on my forehead...anyone with me!? OK maybe not tattooed but definitely printed off, framed and hung in every single room in the house. Every. Single. One!

Anyone else do this? Think they can do it all? And maybe you're much more productive than me and can do it all!

I hit a HUGE learning curve after having Jacob (baby #2). I'd lie in bed at night exhausted but unable to get to sleep because I hadn't made it to the mailbox to get the mail that day. Yes, I know! It's almost nine months later and I'm finding myself being OK not doing it all... and I'm telling you it feels good to be OK with that!

So if you didn't get everything accomplished on your to do list today... no biggie! There's always tomorrow... or even the day after that!

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